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Established in 1986, Montessori Academy has been a trusted name for nearly 40 years in the communities we serve. Our program is centered on the child-focused approach known as The Montessori Method, which was developed over a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. We follow a dynamic academic curriculum that develops the whole child- socially, emotionally, and physically.

What we offer...

  • Program for children 2-6
  • Full-time & Part-time options
  • Low child to teacher ratio
  • Snacks provided
  • Potty training


  • Experienced credentialed teachers
  • Beautiful, spacious facilities
  • Fun and secure outdoor playgrounds
  • In-house field trips and special events
  • Foreign language, music, arts, and more!

“ …by the end of the three-year study, the kids who had gone through Montessori preschools were more academically advanced and had better social skills than those who went to a traditional school. The Montessori students also reported enjoying school more.”

-The New York Times

Individualized Education

Every child is unique and on their own individual learning journey.

Children in our program work at their own pace and progress from simple to more complex concepts as they master skills through repetition and purposeful work. Teachers observe and keep detailed records of the children in their care in order to specially tailor lesson plans to meet each individual child’s needs.

“Each child is valued as a unique individual. Montessori education recognizes that children learn in different ways, and accommodates all learning styles. Students are free to learn at their own pace, each advancing as he is ready, guided by the teacher and an individualized learning plan.”

-American Montessori Society


Our program includes...

Foreign Language - Mandarin, Spanish, English
Young children have a natural ability to learn, with 50% of this ability being developed in the first few years of life, 30% by age eight (Kotulak, 1996). The first three to four years of life are considered the best time for children to learn a second language, and is as easy as acquiring knowledge in their first language (Vos, 2008). Why? Children are bound to assimilate new sounds and new utterances indiscriminately at that time regardless of whether it is their mother tongue or another language.

Activities & Supplemental Classes

Lower Student-Teacher Ratio

Our strong academic program and low student-teacher ratio further facilitates optimum learning conditions. According to availability of space, children can be enrolled throughout the year.

A Word from Our Director

We provide a nurturing environment that helps the child develop emotionally, socially, and physically as a whole. Due to our low student-teacher ratio, we are able to provide individualized attention to help our students thrive.
Our culver city montessori director Ruhi Khan

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