Activities & Supplemental Classes

We keep our little learners busy with fun activities that promote cognitive development as well as physical motor skills. These activities are done either individually (to foster independence) and in groups (to promote socialization skills).

Activities at Montessori Academy

  • Painting Activities / Finger Paint
  • Crafts and Art Projects
  • Games
  • Literacy Enhancement
  • Quiet Time / Nap Time
  • Show and Tell
  • Fun Math Problem Solving
  • Language Arts
  • Music Activities
  • Friday Dance Party
  • Science and Health
  • Group Singing

Montessori Academy offers supplemental classes which are 100% optional for students to sign up for. These are outside companies and if you choose to enroll your child in these supplementary services, you will need to contact them directly to enroll. For your convenience, we have their contact information in our office.

Our yoga class will introduce your child to the fundamentals of yoga through imagery, balance, and breathing techniques. Yoga is an engaging way to develop focusing skills and expand children’s imagination. A portion of each class will be dedicated to creative movement and basic tumbling skills related to our yoga poses and movements. To familiarize the children with certain animal poses we use stuffed animals and other objects that make the children feel at ease.
Children will learn basic tumbling, balancing skills, obstacle courses, and exciting routines to age-appropriate music. The children will explore Gymnastic stations such as using a mini trampoline, balance beam, tunnel, tumbling mat, rhythmic ribbons, creative equipment, and much more!
Classes begin with stretching and warm-up exercises. Children are then taught creative movement and dance techniques across the floor. Children dance to their favorite songs, while using fun props (ie.maracas, tambourines, pom-poms, leis, etc.). With over 300 choreographed dances in our curriculum, students are regularly introduced to new exciting routines.
Does your child love to perform?
Your budding thespian will shine in this dance based musical theatre class!
By incorporating basic dance & musical theatre technique including voice, acting and choreography,
students will bring familiar stories to the stage.
Performances in December & June!


Classes combine creative movement and imaginative play. This class provides exciting themes such as Jungle Adventure, Down on the Farm, Under the Sea, and Prince and Princess. Children move to their favorite music and our fun props encourage active participation. This enriching program strengthens coordination and cognitive skills in a positive atmosphere

YOGA – Sunshine Harmony

Children will explore how yoga poses can help them quiet their minds, get in touch with their feelings, calm themselves as well as strengthen their focus and balance.


Gymnastic class begins with stretching and warm-up exercises. Classes introduce children to tumbling and balancing skills, obstacle courses and exciting routines to age appropriate music. The children will explore different gymnastics stations such as a mini trampoline, balance beam, tunnel, tumbling mat, rhythmic ribbons and other exciting equipment. Our gymnastics classes include choreographed floor routines and always end with an action-packed obstacle course or parachute fun!

DANCETIME – Stephanie

This is an exciting dance program for children. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children. Parents benefit from this program by not having to spend time, gas, and energy transporting their children to a dance studio. Instead, the dance studio experience is brought to them. Children love our classes because they learn the basics of dance in a refreshing, creative way designed especially for children.