10 Must-Read Bird Books for Kids

Bird Books for Kids

Bird books for kids help with encouraging curiosity in young minds. They teach kids to think about the world in their way by heightening their awareness of the natural environment around them. In addition, reading educational bird books to kids is a clever way to entertain kids at home and helps them develop their interests in reading by building their vocabulary.

A well-written bird book will help children develop a natural interest in learning about birds and their behavior. It is important to read these books to ensure no shortages in kids’ knowledge about birds. As one of the most common yet fascinating creatures, birds are something many people would be interested in learning about. 

But finding the best bird books for kids is a challenge for most parents. As a top Montessori Preschool Of Culver City in California, we are aware of the need to provide kids with high-quality educational materials that will help them reach their full potential. As a result, we have created this list of the top 10 birds books your kids will enjoy reading.

10 Must-Read Bird Books for Kids

1. Birds by Kevin Henkes

Birds by Kevin Henkes

Written by bestselling children’s book author Kevin Henkes, Birds is an absolutely beautiful combination of fun and education. The book is perfect for preschool kids. It comes in easy-to-understand text and colorful illustrations your kids will love. With the help of this amazing form book, children can learn about different bird species, colors, sizes, shapes, and behavior. 

2. Little Green by Keith Baker

Little Green by Keith Baker

An artist notices a little green hummingbird flying around the garden. As he closely watched the bird, he was amazed and painted what he saw. Little Green comes with an engaging rhyming text and beautiful collage illustrations; Keith Baker captures all the excitement and energy of a hummingbird’s flight in this captivating bird book for kids. 

3. Baby’s First Book of Birds and Colors Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

Bird Books for Kids

It may be a short book for kids, but its illustrations are fabulous and colorful. This amazing book will help kids learn about different types of birds and their colors. This book comes with two-page spreads with beautiful birds of the same color on each spread. And it shows the different types of birds and tells whether each bird is female or male, an excellent concept that will be interesting to kids and adults.

4. About Birds by Cathryn Sill

About Birds by Cathryn Sill

Author and Educator Cathryn Sill uses easy-to-understand words to teach kids what birds are, how they live, and what they do. The book provides detailed and realistic paintings to show the amazing birds’ diverse and natural worlds. In addition, it includes engaging words to inspire further learning.

5. Hooray for Birds! by Lucy Cousins

Bird Books for Kids

It is a fabulous primary color explosion of beautiful birds that quickly attracts attention. It features catching texts that invite kids to soar, flap, fly, and stretch, a perfect combination to get young children engaged. I am sure that your kids will be amazed while you read them in this appealing picture book for kids. 

6. All the Birds in the World by David Opie

All the Birds in the World

It is an interesting book with wonderful illustrations of birds of all kinds. As the narrator tells about what makes all birds birds, the curious kiwi bird asks, “What about me?” on each page. As you flip on each page, you will eventually learn the answer to the kiwi birds question. Even though she can’t fly and has a beak but no tails, she is still a big part of the bird family.

7. Is This Panama? A Migration Story by Jan Thornhill, illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Bird Books for Kids

This beautifully written narrative picture book tells the story of Sammy, Wilson’s warbler, that lives near the Arctic Circle. He understands that he needs to leave and migrate to Panama before the cold season, but he cannot find other warblers. So he begins flying and asks a lot of animals like a snake, dragonflies, and caribou where to find Panama. You’ll be going to love this book.

8. Birds, Nests & Eggs by Mel Boring

Birds, Nests & Eggs by Mel Boring

Birds, Nests & Eggs is an informative and fun guide that will help kids learn about 15 birds. Children will also discover where and how birds create their homes. Additionally, the guide features engaging activities that are easy to do. This book provides inviting illustrations, and the information included is easy to understand for most kids, especially preschoolers.

9. Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward

Bird Books for Kids

It is a great book for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Mama Built a Little Nest is a fun, interactive rhyming book. Every page has touching illustrations that illustrate how different birds build their nests to keep their babies safe and comfortable. With playful rhyme, author Jennifer Ward discovers nests large and small, cottony and silky, twiggy and muddy, and all birds consider it home.

10. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Birds by Catherine Hughes

Bird Books for Kids

Your kids will love this book. Catherine Hughes’ National Geographic, Little Kids First Big Book of Birds, is a perfect place for kids to learn about birds. This colorful book with engaging illustrations will help children learn all they need to know about the lives of birds from this colorful bird book.

These are all engaging books and ideal to help kids develop their young minds and reading skills. However, having a collection of bird books for kids will not guarantee a fruitful result if you don’t know the effective ways to read books to your kids. In Montessori Academy, we have helped thousands of children develop their reading skills by applying Montessori principles.

3 Effective Ways to Read Bird Books to Your Kids

To help you out, we give you the 3 Effective Ways to Read Books to Your Kids.

1. Read Books in an Interactive Way

To read books in an interactive way, you should point out certain illustrations, ask your kids questions, and provide word definitions. This way, your kids will learn the language in a fun, interactive way with critical thinking skills. Also, try to read your kids’ books aloud in an interesting way, like making funny voices for characters or adding sound effects like clicks and claps.

2. Repeat Particular Vocabulary Words

The best way to improve your kids’ reading skills is by using specific vocabulary words that will help your kid understand and memorize the new words they read. We recommend you provide a word definition and ask your kids questions about the word to start this process.

3. Choose Books Your kids’ Love

While reading books to your kids, you should always choose books that your kids will love. They will develop an interest in the book and remember it by reading for hours for days. To encourage your kids to love books more, you can make a memory box or a hiding box with their favorite items like toys, stickers, figures, and more.

So there are many ways to read books with your kids, but it is always better if you do it effectively.

We have to admit that developing productive reading habits is not an easy task. As parents, you have to help your kids in any way possible in order to help them develop their reading skills. From preschoolers to kindergarteners, you have the chance to encourage your child’s development through Montessori methods and reading materials. The best way to read books with your children is by having fun and engaging books like Bird Books for Kids that will keep them interested for hours.


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