15 Secrets to Entertaining a Toddler at Home

entertaining a toddler

Parenting is a rewarding full-time job but by no means accessible. If you are currently entertaining a toddler, you know they can be exhausting and provide little to no sleep. The good news is that it will get more accessible, and it does not last forever. For now, you need to find ways to make your child happy during these difficult years. 

This guide will provide information on how to entertain toddlers and what toys are best for each age group. It is specifically designed to help you learn how to engage your toddler when your child has no idea what they want. If you are having trouble teaching them at home, then take a look at this list of sites where you can learn more about entertaining a toddler.

Tips in Entertaining a Toddler at Home

The secret to entertaining a toddler is simple: the less work you do and the more open-ended toys you give your child, the better. Toddlers are notorious for not being very patient, so using self-directed toys and requiring no help or instruction from you is best. 

1. Stuffed animals  and board games

Toddlers love stuffed animals, especially if they are soft. It is a great way to give your child something tactile that they can hold that doesn’t require any attention or effort from you. 

2. Pull-along toys like trucks and balls 

Toddlers love small trucks and balls so much that you will find them throwing the balls themselves with little regard for their going. They are great for teaching kids how to take care of things – the only challenge is keeping their hands on the steering wheel.

3. Discs and balls

Toddlers love balls, especially when they can throw them at each other. Unlike pull-along toys, discs are a safe bet because they don’t require your toddler to steer them, and they don’t roll away from them either until they are closer to adulthood.

4. Puzzles

Toddlers need plenty of practice with puzzles, even if they don’t know they are doing one. Puzzles provide an excellent opportunity for your child to use patience and learn how to make things fit together on their own. 

5. Musical instruments

Although you may not think that musical instruments sound like much fun for toddlers, they have a blast hitting and banging everything in sight. Try letting them bang on pots and pans for added fun!

6. Card games

Toddlers love cards, especially if they are colorful. Try teaching your toddler to deal the cards out and then count them together. It’s a great way to help them with numbers and colors and teach them how to interact closely with others.

7. Dress-up costumes

Dress-up costumes are an excellent way to provide opportunities for pretend play without requiring you to get up from your seat or provide anything other than the costume itself. They can also be a great way to teach children about socializing.

8. Activity books

Many young children will enjoy reading activity books if they have a favorite character or concept and encourage them to draw their pictures. Activities books are suitable for the parent since you don’t need to do anything for them during this time.

9. Toys that are not toys

Toddlers love to use you as a toy or play with your hair. Try encouraging them to pull all of your hair out or throw things at you. A good game of “peek-a-boo” can also provide hours of fun for toddlers.

10. Ball pits

Toddlers love to climb in things, and ball pits are an excellent choice that requires some effort but little adult supervision.

11. Play kitchens and toy stoves

Play kitchens are great for teaching toddlers how to cook where they don’t need your help at all. They are also great as a place for your child to “cook” your dinner and feed it to you – this is a fun activity that most toddlers come up with on their own. 

12. Slides

Slides are an excellent way for toddlers to get exercise, run around and have fun. The only issue is that they can be dangerous sometimes, so watch out carefully when you are using them.

13. Rocking chairs or swings

Toddlers love rocking chairs and swings because they can sit in them for hours at a time without doing much work at all. You may need to get up every hour or so to help them use the bathroom, but overall this is an excellent use of their energy while keeping them safe as well.

14. Neighborhood blockades

Toddlers love to build things, and when you use neighborhood blockades, they can create their versions of castles, forts, and other structures. It’s an excellent way to get them in early on some basic engineering skills.

15. Eating

Toddlers love to eat and will spend hours torturing you if you let them. They also have a great way of struggling with forks and knives, so make sure to encourage them to use whatever they are given. The only downside is that once your toddler reaches the age, most food tastes like ash now, so it’s a good idea to invest in some healthy toddler snacks on Amazon.

What Do You Get From Keeping Your Toddlers Entertained at Home?

There are many advantages to keeping your toddlers at home, including cost savings, safety, and more. Here are some of the benefits of family entertainment:

1. Cost savings – You won’t have to pay for babysitters and child care services to keep your child occupied while working or doing other things around the house. That means you save time and money when you choose to entertain your toddler at home with activities that will keep them active and occupied without costing much money.

2. Safety – Toddlers who have ample opportunities to get out of the house and move around while being supervised are less likely to be injured in the event of an accident. More time spent outdoors gives them time to explore and learn how to interact with other children and adults. The more they are around others, the less likely they will be injured in a potentially dangerous situation.

3. Socialization – Most toddlers benefit from socializing with other toddlers due to the new things from interacting with other kids their age. Proximity to other children their age means exposure to germs and a slightly more mature idea of what it’s like to be around other kids.

With these potential benefits in mind, we encourage you to keep your toddlers entertained at home when they aren’t in daycare or school. You may have to make some sacrifices, but keeping your toddler at home is something that will benefit not only you and them but also the community as a whole.

In today’s world, being entertained is somewhat of a luxury and you don’t have to spend money on. But keeping your children entertained at home should be a priority for every parent.

With that in mind, use this guide to help you with some of the best games and activities to keep your toddlers preoccupied while they are at home.

As always, we wish you all of the best in keeping your toddlers entertained for hours!


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