12 Most Fun Art Activities for Preschoolers

art activities for preschoolers

Art activities for preschoolers are a fantastic way to provide hands-on learning opportunities and foster creativity in young minds.

It is an enriching experience for children to explore the materials, colors, textures, and shapes that can be used to create art. Providing opportunities for children to explore and create art also helps develop their gross and fine motor skills, attention span, creativity, and imagination.

A child’s enjoyment of art can lay the foundation for a lifelong love of art and creativity. Craft activities also aid in developing cognitive, language, and social skills. Preschoolers have short attention spans but learn best through hands-on activities rather than lectures or reading books.  

There are plenty of fun art activities and educational craft projects for kids. Through these arts and crafts, you can give them a learning experience that is various and engaging. In this article, we bring some of the most fun art activities you can do with your kids.

12 Most Fun Art Activities for Preschoolers

1. Making Animals with Lollipop Sticks

Use lollipop sticks for a fun craft. Lollipop sticks are such an entertaining, easy-to-use crafting material! They’re perfect for making animals and other cute characters. You can also make a small house out of straws.

This is perfect for preschoolers. You can also ask them to develop the designs for such a project. You might want to use your creativity for this activity. You can draw or paste the designs on the lollipop sticks and show them to the children.

  • Supplies: Lollipop sticks, plastic animals, and a glue gun.
  • Procedure:
  1. Gather materials and place them on a table.
  2. Cut the animals into small pieces and paste them on a stick using the glue gun.
  3. Let your child arrange them as a picture.

2. Finger Painting

finger painting

This is a fun way to stimulate the interest of a preschooler. Make their finger paintings lovely by using various hues of paint. Give them a drawing pad and let them draw any object they come up with. It can be messy work, but it is a great hands-on activity.

The idea is to make it fun for the kids and keep them interested in the activity. During this process, the preschoolers learn how to use their fingers and hands creatively and enjoy the process of making art.

  • Supplies: Paint of all colors, two pieces of paper, and one drawing pad.
  • Procedure:
  1. Give the child a clean paper and a piece of paper with paint.
  2. Ask the child to place his hand on the paper and make a print of it on the form. Let the children play with different colors of paints.
  3. Let them mix colors in their paints to make new shades or use all one color for painting their fingerprints. 
  4. Give them a drawing pad and ask them to draw anything they like with their prints.

3. Painting with Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are accessible and inexpensive. And since they are reusable indefinitely, they are ideal for a preschool art project. You can use them to create beautiful crafts. You can even give the children a template and let them trace the design on their cups. They’ll have a blast making decorations out of coffee filters!

  • Supplies: coffee filters and paint.
  • Procedure: Let your child take cups, paint, and glue to make their design. Encourage the kids to use different colors.

4. Tissue Paper Collage

tissue paper collage

Tissue paper is an excellent art medium. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Use pieces of tissue paper to create pictures with the help of an adult. This may also be a fun craft activity for preschoolers.

This activity uses small pieces of tissue paper with which to make a collage. The preschooler can determine how large their picture will be and how much they’ll use to create it. They may need your assistance in gluing the tissue to a piece of paper.

  • Supplies: Glue stick, tissue paper, paintbrush, and an old book or a piece of paper.
  • Procedure: 
  1. Collect the materials and help your child cut out all the pieces of tissue paper.
  2. Give them a template, and let them trace the shapes on the tissue paper.
  3. Let them decorate their book with tissue paper pictures.
  4. Use a glue stick to attach the images to the book’s pages. 
  5. Cut out all the pages and connect them using a glue stick on a piece of paper. 

5. Paper Plate Weaving

This is another interesting art project you want to try with the preschoolers. Using paper plates, you can create a cute weaving pattern. Let them be creative and add as many stripes and colors to their paper plate weaving as they like. This can be an excellent craft idea for toddlers too.

  • Supplies: Paper plates, paint, glue stick, and colorful yarns.
  • Procedure: 
  1. Let your child paint paper plates with different colors of paint.
  2. Let them make a weaving by interweaving the yarns on the plate. Let them be creative and use as many colors and patterns as they like. 
  3. Let them draw designs on the plate while they are weaving.

6. Color Collage

color collage

color collage is another fun art project for preschoolers. This activity involves using different colors and shapes of paper to create a beautiful picture. You can use this activity to provide hands-on opportunities for the children to develop their fine motor skills while engaging in an exciting project.

  • Supplies: Glue stick, colored paper, and scissors.
  • Procedure: 
  1. Collect the materials and cut out different shapes from colored papers.
  2. Let them glue the forms on the other sides of a piece of paper.
  3. Help them cut and paste various shapes using brilliant colors and patterns.

7. Balloon Prints

Balloon prints are made with balloons and paint. Warm-up your shoes and help the children make balloon prints on a piece of paper. This is an exciting way to use balloons in creating art. It’s also fun to use your child’s imagination and creativity.

  • Supplies: Balloons, paint, paper, and a glue stick.
  • Procedure: 
  1. Use a glue stick to attach the balloons to a paper.
  2. Let them paint the balloon with different colors and patterns.
  3. Let them use their imagination and create a unique design on their balloon print.

8. Watercolor Resist Art

watercolor resist art

Watercolor resists art and is an excellent medium for preschoolers. The children can explore their artistic development and expression through this craft. It’s a fun way to create murals with watercolor painting resist sheets.

Watercolor resist sheets are available in the market in different colors and sizes. You can even make your watercolor resists from tissue paper or cardboard sheets. This is an excellent activity for children who like to paint and draw, as they become creative in creating their artworks using this medium.

  • Supplies: Watercolor paint, watercolor resist sheets and a tray. 
  • Procedure:
  1. Help the children paint their artwork on a piece of paper.
  2. Let them use the watercolor resist sheet and make a mural.
  3. Encourage them to be innovative and imaginative while making their mural by adding several shapes of whatever they like.
  4. Attach it to the wall or any place you want it to be permanent.

9. Ice Paint

Making ice paint is a fantastic and creative art activity perfect for preschoolers. Children can try this activity to explore their creativity and learn about the different colors. You can have an ice-great cold face painting session with the kids. Children will love playing with it and creating their first painting.

  • Supplies: Watercolor paint, a tray, paintbrush, and paper.
  • Procedure:
  1. Get an ice cube tray and fill it with watercolor paint.
  2. With a paintbrush, apply the paint to the paper.
  3. Put plastic wrap over the form and freeze until you have solid paint sheets.
  4. For an extra sparkly effect, add glitter or glue!

10. Make Your Musical Instrument

make your musical instrument

Doing an instrument project is a great way to play with musical instruments and learn how they work. This can also be a fun art activity for preschoolers. Using various materials, they can make their drum, guitar, and even piano.

  • Supplies: Plastic material, cardboard scissors, tape, paper, and a glue stick.
  • Procedures:
  1. Collect the materials needed and help the children cut out a square from a plastic material.
  2. Let them decorate it by adding shapes and paint. 
  3. Cut out a long tape and secure the plastic material to cardboard. 
  4. Assist the children in binding their instruments to the cardboard.
  5. Let them use their imagination and create their very own instrument!

11. Recycled Art

Art made out of recycled items is a unique way to preserve waste materials. While this activity is not traditional art, it helps children learn the importance of conservation and the environment. They can practice their creative skills by using fewer resources and making something useful from plastic bags, old newspapers, and CDs.

  • Supplies: Glue stick, cutout template, coloring books or magazines, paper or construction paper, and felt-tip pens or paintbrushes.
  • Procedure:
  1. Collect the materials needed for making recycled art. 
  2. Follow the suggested steps in making the cutout and decorate it with a glue stick.
  3. Cut art from a coloring book or newspaper and paste it on the template. 
  4. Encourage children to be creative and imaginative while doing this craft.

12. Drawing Games

drawing games

Drawing games are a great way to encourage kids to draw, which is an integral part of a child’s development. Drawing activities can also help kids develop their fine motor skills and creativity. The following are some ideas for drawing games that you can try with your preschooler!

  • Picture This! – Give each child a piece of paper, and have them draw something on it with crayons or markers. When they’re done, have them show it off to the class by lining up their drawings along one wall or across the floor. You may even want to invite other adults in the neighborhood who don’t have children at home to check out all the different pictures!
  • Let’s Color – Divide your students into pairs or small groups (depending on how many kids are in your classroom). Give each team an assortment of colored pencils; then tell them they need to color all over their partner’s body using only those colors—no white allowed!

Final Thoughts

Doing art with preschoolers is an incredible experience for both teachers and students. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for children to improve their art skills. And the best part is, it can be done right in your classroom!

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