Geography for Kids: 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Child Fall in Love with Geography

geography for kids

We all want to see our children become knowledgeable and well-rounded kids. That is why you take the first few years teaching them basic skills to prepare them for school years. You start with reading and math and then move on to another subject such as science and even art. 

However, your child deserves to know more than just math and reading, so don’t deprive them of the chance to learn more about geography. Learning about geography can be a fun and interesting way to teach your children about the world. Geography for kids is also a great way to help them understand how the world they live in works.

In Montessori Academy, Geography is one of the core subjects being taught. Though geography for kids is just a small portion of the whole curriculum, it is one that can set your child apart. To help your child build the foundation on the love for Geography. It is better to start teaching them now.

In this article, we will discuss ways you can teach your child about geography in an easy way without having to get out an atlas or reading too much. 

What Can Children Learn From Geography?

geography for kids

There is a number of reasons it is important to teach your child about geography. First of all, it helps your child acquire knowledge and learn how the world works. Another reason is that you can show your children how different people and cultures are different, how they differ in their values, perspectives, and behaviors. Also, you can teach them about the importance of geography to a country. It can help them understand the importance of their country’s geographical characteristics and how it has helped the country grow.

How Can You Cultivate Your Child’s Interest in Geography?

If you think your child won’t be interested in learning geography, you have nothing to worry about. Kids are naturally curious and interested in the world around them. They love to learn new things and expand their knowledge on many different subjects. That is why it is important to teach them about Geography without forcing them since they might not understand it at first.

When teaching children about a particular subject like Geography. It is ideal that you make the learning process fun for them where they would consider learning a good time. Because the more you make the learning fun, the more children will participate. You can do this by incorporating Geography lessons into activities they love to do. So they can learn while they are having a fun time.

Fun and Creative Ways To Help Children Learn About Geography

You don’t have to get out an atlas or read books to teach your child about geography. Here are a few interesting and educational activities you can do with your child which will help them learn about geography:

1. Puzzles

geography for kids

When you want your child to study an image of something for a longer period, playing with puzzles is the best way to learn. So instead of staring at an alphabet or a map for a while. Putting a puzzle together allows children to refer to the work at hand. When they look at the puzzle, to the image on the box, and then back to the puzzle, and when they work out which parts go where they are carving, they instill an image of the photo in their minds.

You can find many geography puzzles, ranging from wooden types that young children can do to more challenging jigsaw puzzles. If it’s your child’s first time doing puzzles, it is ideal for providing kids with puzzle pieces suitable for their age. That way, the child can start with easier puzzles that are not too challenging for them. Then you can gradually increase the complexity to more challenging puzzles as they grow up. Suitable for ages five-year-old children are USA Map Floor Puzzles and puzzles above learning level like Wooden World Map Puzzle for Kids.

2. Songs

geography for kids

Song is one of the best ways to help children develop an interest and understanding of geography. It is because songs stick in children’s heads and memorize them easily. 

Fun music activities can make the learning process fun and memorable for both of you. You can sing rhyming songs that talk about different cultures and their customs. Songs can also help children learn the names of different cities and countries. The fun aspect of these songs is that they do not need to understand what they are singing about but rather focus on the words. Songs can also help children to recall important information.

Suppose you have learned a rhyming song about Geography before. You can introduce that to your child and sing it. But if you want to find other songs that are catchy and at the same time educational, you may consider these suggestions below. 

  • 50 States and Capitals Song
  • 7 Continents Song
  • The Solar System

Singing songs can be a fun way to learn about geography. But the importance of songs is not only limited to learning about Geography. You can also use the power of singing for other important subjects such as Math or even English.

3. Map Games

geography for kids

Map games are also an effective way to lure your child into learning about geography. And there are many ways to have map games with your child. You may use learning materials already available in your home and start a fun game with your child.

Spin The Globe

It is a classic but fun game to play with your child. For this game, you may need to use your globe. To play, assign a kid to hold the globe and spin it while the other child or yourself has to close your eyes. Together you need to point the fingers at the globe. When the child who is closing his eyes says STOP, the child spinning the globe must stop, and together they have to identify what they are pointing to.

Pass The Globe

Another fun way to make learning Geography fun for your kids. To play this game, you need to pass the globe and forth. Wherever a right-hand lands, that child or yourself must try to name that continent, country, ocean, or other related features you want to add. Your child may need a lot of assistance at first, but as time goes by, they will be able to catch it on quickly and enjoy the game even more.

Playing How Many Miles Away

It is a great game for math practice. For this game, you may need to use your map of the world to discuss time zones or distance. To complete the materials, you also need to secure a ruler. To play, get the ruler and set the equivalence for each inch; for instance, one inch is equivalent to 1000 miles. And measure from one place to another to determine how many miles one is from another.

Create A Map

Let your child’s creative side out and let them create their map of the world. For this game, you may also need to use your map of the world and get learning materials already available in your home. You can let your child draw on the map, paint it, or even decorate it with stickers. Let them express themselves on paper and have fun creating something they will enjoy.

4. Exploring Your Place ( City or Town)

Exploring your own place, whether at home or in school, can be a fun adventure for your child. You can take them to places you think is important and teach them about those places such as museums, historical landmarks, rivers, and anything else you want them to know. It is also a good way to familiarize the child with their place and learn new things they would otherwise not learn if a teacher just taught them. Moreover, it also gives the child an opportunity to know more about their city or town without having to go out of the country or state.

5. Books for Children Set in Different Countries

Reading books to children is a great way to teach your child about geography. Such books can be found at libraries and bookstores. These books talk about different countries, their customs, and many more. Some of them may also have colorful photos that your child will love while reading the book. They are also fun to read and can be used as bedtime stories for children who love hearing stories before bed.

There are a lot of geography books for children that you can find online and some book stores. It is also ideal to choose books at your child’s reading level so the child can understand and learn from the contents of the book. These books can teach your child about countries, capitals, oceans, cities, famous landmarks, etc. To give you an idea of what types of books you can get for your child. Here are some suggestions of books that can help your child learn about geography and help improve their reading ability:

To help your child enjoy learning Geographyeven more, one resource you may consider is the library. The library has a lot of books for children on Geography as well as other subjects, and there is also computer software that you can use in the library that will allow your child to learn more. 

Final Thoughts

In Montessori Academy, it is our mission to guide children towards excellent education. We believe that education is a lifelong process. And by starting early with a child, we can help them build a strong foundation for their further studies or even for the rest of their life. Geography is one of our programs that we have tailored for children. It is a fun way to develop your child’s interest in learning about geography. We have created tools and materials that will help you teach your child about geography using different innovative ways. I hope these suggestions will guide you in teaching your child about geography in an effective way.

If you want to learn more innovative ways to help children learn about geography or any subject you want them to excel in. Please contact us at (310) 215 -3388 for Culver City and (323) 795-0200 for West Adams. Or you can reach us using our contact form page. We will be happy to help you build and develop your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.


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