How to Teach Kids To Listen: Montessori Ways to Foster Child’s Good Listening Skills

teach kids to listen

Strong Communication Skills and active listening are fundamental to efficient communication throughout your child’s whole life. So when you have a child, it is your duty as a parent to nurture them with essential skills and knowledge. One skill that is usually desired in children is listening skills. This skill is necessary for children because it is the ability to listen to instructions and abide by them. So it should be developed in a child from a very young age. The development of listening skills will help children to gain more benefits in the long run. However, fostering a child’s listening skills can seem complicated at times; with the Montessori approach, it will be much easier to stimulate their senses and help them have better-listening skills and be better listeners.

Montessori Approach in Fostering Child’s Listening Skills

foster child's good listening skills

The Montessori approach is a method of teaching children that will help them learn effectively and efficiently. The Montessori method uses the child’s natural development to their full potential. This method will help the child develop listening skills by stimulating their senses and focusing on their needs. Here are some ways in which you can use the Montessori approach in helping your child develop his listening skills:

1. The first thing you need to do is get your child interested in what you have to say. Next, it would be best to show your child the interest you have in teaching or learning by using your methods.

2. You can start small with simple tasks, like listening to a story. It will teach them that they can fully participate in activities and listen to what is being said without distractions. If you can do just one small task, this will get them used to the idea of listening rather than watching something.

3. Try to have fun when listening to your child’s stories or songs. It would be something that they will never forget later on since it will be their first experience with it, and they know that they are involved as a listener, which is beneficial for them later on in their life.

4. The child learns by watching you. If they see you listening attentively with interest, they will want to do the same thing. It is an essential skill that your child will need later in life, so it’s good to start them early on with it.

5. It is always helpful to make your voice more captivating and exciting when making the point or story out. The voice can be one of the senses that can capture their attention and help them focus better on what they are learning.

There are different practices and activities that you can do with your children. Many of them come in fun games, which is ideal, as learning through play is one of the most effective ways to develop their skills. Today, we share the most fun Montessori activities with you to foster your child’s listening skills.

Montessori Activities to Develop Listening Skills

1. Go on Sound Hunt

This fun activity is ideal when you go with your child outside. This activity provides a list of things or animals your child can hear outside. Then, he has to mimic the sound of the item or thing on the checklist Go on Sound Hunt is one effective way to foster your child’s listening skills.

2. Listening Activity with Blocks

This engaging activity by Hands on As We Grow is simple to set up. It would help if you had blocks and colored cards. The cards should match the color of the blocks. Having your child listen to directions on how to stack blocks make this activity more engaging. Your child will love it because they already know the answers.

3. Matching Sound Game

For this activity, you may need plastic Easter eggs, an empty egg carton, and small objects for filling the eggs. The rule to play is that your child will guess and pair the easters egg with the same sound. This challenging and fun game by Confidence Meet Parenting can stimulate your child’s interest and further develop his listening skills. 

4. DIY Sound Cylinders

When you want to spend your free time making valuable materials for your child to nurture his learning skills, sound cylinders are the perfect material to create. Sound cylinders help your child learn about sound intensity. You may take inspiration or ideas from Living Montessori Now as they show the different types of sound cylinders, you can make for your child and the instructions on how to create one.

5. SoundBox Listening Game

This sound game by Let’s Play Kids Music is an excellent game for encouraging the shyest child to come forward and speak up. A child will need to listen carefully to guess the correct answer—a great game to enjoy with just one child or with peers.

6. Red Light, Green Light

It is a fun game to practice listening ability. This game will help your child follow instructions carefully and help him walk in a contained manner. Red Light, Green Light is a perfect game to prepare your child for walking in parking lots or other dangerous areas. You need a box with colors and a child’s car for this activity; if you don’t have an available child’s toy car with you, you may instruct your child to use his legs. For example, you can tell him to stop if the light is red or go when the light turns green.

7. Listening to Instructions

A child can feel excited when they can touch or move something while performing a task. To play this game, you have to narrate instructions about animal characters and their activities. Then, instruct your child to listen and move the animal characters along to the story. You can find further details about this activity by visiting In the Playroom.

8. The Rain Game

It is an excellent group activity, and it requires little or no materials at all. The Rain Game is also suitable for classrooms. Your child can play this game by attentively listening to your instructions. You can make your child follow what you want them to do—for example, rubbing the fingers, stomping the feet. 

9. Dance Freeze Game

It is an aerobic game that any child can enjoy. And an ideal game to practice your child’s learning skills. The rule of the dance freeze game is easy to follow. Everyone must dance as the music plays, and when the music stops, children must freeze and hold their position until the beat drops again.

10. Do 3 Things Listening Game

It is a great activity to teach your child how to listen when they have multiple tasks to complete. The goal is for children to follow instructions and complete three fun activities in a row. If you want your child to engage in this kind of activity, visit Inspiration Laboratories.

Learning should be fun. If you are trying to help your child’s listening skills, you can engage them by playing games and learning activities. Now we have shown some of the most effective ways to foster your child’s listening ability. If you find that it is easy for you, then do it because learning should be fun, inspiring them to learn more about the subject they are interested in.


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