12 Montessori Bath Toys for Toddlers to Make Bath Time Fun and Full of Learning

bath toys for toddlers

You have heard plenty about how to incorporate Montessori into different spaces in your home, but what about bath time? Are there engaging types of bath toys for toddlers that align with the Montessori philosophy?

You will discover why bath time is important for a child’s development. You will also find an extensive list of toys you can buy or make yourself to make bath time fun and educational for your toddler.

The Importance of Bath Time for Kids

Bath time is necessary to keep your child healthy and stay clean. But did you know that bath time for children has developmental benefits, too? 

Bath time is not just any single activity during which children interact with water; it becomes one of the most interesting parts of a bath experience. It is a period during which children can develop their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, self-care skill, language development, and artistic talents.

It is also, most importantly, a period during which parents and children can bond. When you take a bath with your child, you can see how he’s growing and developing a strong relationship. 

The child is interested in what you’re doing, learns about new things, makes discoveries about the world around him, and learns how to relax and calm himself down when things get too hard for him – all of this brings him closer to you.

Bath time is also great for sitting back and observing your little one engage in independent and imaginative play.

Bath Toys for Toddlers

Not only are the types of toys essential, but how they are introduced is key as well. It helps to limit the number of Montessori bath toys out at one time, as fewer toys will encourage more creative play—rotating bath toys every few weeks will help keep their interest. Also, creating a space for little ones to put away their toys is an added opportunity for independence.

Here are a few examples of some Montessori bath toys for toddlers that will make the bath time fun and educational.

12 Montessori Bath Toys for Toddlers 

1. Pipes, Cogs, and Tubes

bath toys for toddlers

Pipes, cogs, and tubes are excellent bath toys for toddlers because it encourages a child to interact with the environment around them, develop a sense of independence, and engages in creative play. 

It encourages children to problem solve and has them use simple, logical thinking skills. It also develops fine motor skills. The small but safe parts can be assembled to make shapes for water to work through, allowing your little one to investigate why water cannot run up the colorful pipes or why the pieces can’t fit together in certain ways. In order to bring more excitement, you can purchase additional of these engaging toys to make it even more of a challenge.

2. Water Wheel

water wheel

The water wheel is another great addition to your toddler’s bath time because it helps develop fine motor skills. It is also great for teaching cause and effect. These bath toys for toddlers are fun because they help little ones learn to follow along with their imagination. It also helps kids interact with their environment, and they can experiment with different ways to make the water wheel move.

3. STEM Water Play Kit

bath toys for toddlers

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—this is a great tool to teach your toddler the basic concepts of each subject. STEM Water Play Kit toy may help to develop your child’s scientific knowledge and encourage them to ask questions about how things work. It is also ideal for introducing the concepts of measuring and comparing to your little one. With three various-sized spray bottles, jugs, measuring cups and spoons, and a set of funnels, your little one will be working on their fine motor skills while exploring creative ways to play. These Montessori bath toys for toddlers are everything you need for your child to have a fun and safe bath time.

4. Duplos


Duplos are simple, kid-friendly blocks that help your little one learn colors, shapes, and different ways to build. And it is one of the most popular bath toys for toddlers. These blocks make a fun addition to the bathtub because they allow children to be creative while experimenting with water. It is also ideal for helping the child develop their fine motor skills and encourages them to express their creativity through play.

5. Realistic Sea Creatures

bath toys for toddlers

This set of sea creatures is simple yet fun bath toys for toddlers. They are all natural, safe, and fun to play with in the bath water. These realistic sea creatures encourage imaginative play as well as promote an understanding of the ocean environment and its inhabitants. Your child will be engaged in hours of fun while learning about their new friends!

Animals that look close to the real thing will also provide language opportunities for your child. It also helps them engage in pretend play, which promotes a better understanding of the world around them and encourages creativity.

6. Water Flutes

water flutes

The water flutes are ideal bath toys for toddlers that allow them to experiment with sound while they play. They are also a great way to help develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Water flutes come with five flutes, so your little one can experiment on their own with hearing various musical notes. Adding more or less water to these flutes will cause them to play various sounds. Children can even tune the flutes by trying to get the water to the correct line. For older kids, the flutes come with simple instructions on how to play simple songs.

7. Boon Gear Toy

bath toys for toddlers

This sturdy gear set stays together in the bath water, so your toddler can play with it in the tub. Boon Gear Toys are great bath toys for toddlers because they don’t necessarily float, but they keep their shape so your child can play with them in the water. The gears spin, which can keep your child engaged and teach them how gears work.

8. Bath Crayon

bath crayons

Bathtub Crayons are a fun way to help your toddler explore color and drawing. These crayons adhere to the walls of the tub, making them easy for little ones to use. This may be easier than having crayons floating around in the tub, which can become easily lost or misplaced. The bathtub crayons feature ten bathtime crayons in assorted colors.

When bath time is over, you can wash away the drawings with bath soaps and water. These fun bath toys for toddlers will surely keep your little one occupied!

9. Ubbi Squeeze and Switch Silicone Bath Toys

bath toys for toddlers

The Ubbi Squeeze and Switch Silicone Bath Toys are fun bath toys for toddlers they will love to play with in the bathtub. You can easily fill toys with water to have endless fun as children squeeze and squirt water out of the hole. Squeeze Toys are great for fine motor development and schematic play needs and include an element of sensory feedback that many kids crave.

Also, these toys are unique because they come apart so you can appropriately clean them.

10. Bath Stickers

bath stickers

These Montessori bath toys for toddlers promote literacy and language development through story-telling. Bath stickers are a fun activity that you can read with your toddler as you place stickers on the bathtub wall. After bath time, you can discuss where each sticker went and which was your favorite. These educational toys will help kids develop their knowledge of shapes and colors, along with their language skills.

11. Eric Carle Bath Time Books

bath toys for toddlers

Bath Time Books introduces kids to beloved characters and fun stories while they bath. Add a splash of fun to washing up with these books featuring creatures from the world of Eric Carle! Your little one will enjoy sticking suction cup characters to the tub as you read the story in the waterproof book.

It will also help to develop their vocabulary and imagination based on the illustrations in the book, which can lead to higher-level thinking and creative play. Indeed, It is one of the most fun bath toys for toddlers to

12. Hooks


Many will not consider this as an ideal bath toy, but these peel and stick hooks will allow your little one some independence around bath time. They are ideal for hanging towels and washing clothes at kid height. This makes it easier for them to clean themselves without assistance. This is a great bath toy for toddlers because it promotes independence and encourages the child to develop their fine motor skills.

Final Thoughts

These are just some perfect bath toys for toddlers that can help promote language and literacy skills and help your child learn about shapes and colors. Choose the toys you think will provide your toddler with the best outcome and make the most fun at bath time. We hope you have fun trying out these toys with your little one!

Here at Montessori Academy, we acknowledge the importance of toys in children’s lives. The toys we choose are not only fun and safe but also contribute to the development of the child. We ensure that the toys we provide our children are diverse and interesting and build on their natural curiosities, allowing them to learn in an organic way. Montessori Academy understands your child is your little person, and we want to enable them to learn in the best possible way. Make sure every aspect of their life is filled with learning opportunities that will help them develop skills and reach their full potential.


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