Montessori Floor Bed: Making Good Montessori Practice Even Better

Montessori floor bed

Montessori is a progressive educational method that emphasizes the use of hands-on learning, with students given the freedom to learn at their own pace. To this end, Montessori floor beds are one of the more popular tools.

What Is A Montessori Floor Bed?

A Montessori floor bed is a mattress placed on the floor of your child’s bedroom. The bed is at their height and within their reach so that they can be responsible for making it up, changing the bedding sheets, and making sure it’s clean. If you’ve ever seen your child try to climb or sit on top of regular bedding, you know how much fun they can have! Your baby will enjoy this new freedom and responsibility so much that they’ll be eager to make it up every time they sleep or wake up in the morning.

Why Don’t Some Families Use Cribs?

The Montessori method is designed to give little ones freedom at an early age. This means freedom to move around, take care of themselves and their environment, and freedom from too much adult intervention. It also means that your child will learn how to fall asleep on their own.

  • traditional crib restricts movement, which can lead to frustration for a little one who is used to being able to climb almost everything. And a toddler who is used to crawling over everything and getting into everything will try to climb out of the crib as soon as they figure out that they don’t need help climbing in.
  • Cribs are too small for Montessori children to practice independence. They can’t change the crib sheet, remove pillows and blankets, or unmake their bed.
  • Cribs don’t give the child enough room to roll around and play. The confined space of the crib is conducive to entrapment and suffocation.
  • Cribs don’t allow the child to feel the comfort of being in a big bed. As a result, they are not able to snuggle into the mattress.
  • Cribs don’t allow the child to learn how to make a bed. In order to learn this important life skill, they need a bed that they can make – one that is theirs!

With Montessori Floor Bed, there are many benefits to early independence. The child is not only prepared for bigger and better things, but they also develop good habits and attitudes toward responsibility.

What Are The Advantages Of A Montessori Floor Bed?

montessori floor bed

A Montessori floor bed is beneficial for several reasons:

1. A Montessori Floor Bed Allows Freedom Of Movement

Children’s bodies change, and as they get older, they need more freedom of movement. A Montessori floor bed allows the child to explore new parts of the room, stretch their limbs and muscles, and practice their newly acquired skills (like walking, talking, and sitting).

2. A Montessori Floor Bed Provides an Unobstructed View

A floor bed provides enough space for your child to roll around on. No one can bother them as they do so. They can look out the window, see the other side of the room, and move freely without being confined to a space.

3. A Montessori Floor Bed Encourages Decision Making

Montessori children often have to make decisions that affect their lives from an early age. This includes making decisions related to their physical safety and well-being (like whether or not to crawl out of bed) or about what they want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because the floor bed is so close to their reach, Montessori children can use it to practice decision making. For example, they can decide whether or not to get up when their older brother does.

4. A Montessori Floor Bed Conveys Respect

When a Montessori child wakes up next to their bed, they realize that they have certain rights as a person. They start to value themselves, and the fact that people give them these rights is of great importance to them.

5. A Montessori Floor Bed Is Ideal For Snuggles

child snuggles

Floor beds are ideal for snuggling. The mattress is comfortable, and the sheet is soft and cushy. Montessori children often like to be held and snuggle with others, so having a bed that is nice to lie on is extremely helpful.

6. Montessori Floor Beds are Safe When Used Appropriately

Many babies and infants suffer serious injuries and are taken to the hospital. Many of these injuries happened because of cribs. With a Montessori Floor Bed, there is no risk of suffocation or entrapment, so this is a safer option for the baby.

When is the Right Time to Start Using a Montessori Floor Bed?

The best time to transition your child to a Montessori bed is between 18 months and 2 years old. As you know, kids develop at different rates; some younger children will be ready for a Montessori floor bed sooner than others. However, they should have the physical strength and coordination needed to get in and out of their beds independently by that age.

For example, if you’re working with an 18-month-old who can hold up his head but not sit up on his own yet, it would be too dangerous for him to use a Montessori floor bed. He needs more time before he has the balance necessary for independent sitting. But once he masters sitting up by himself—which usually happens around 20 months—it will be safe for him to try out a Montessori floor bed!

What Things to Consider If You Want to Purchase a Montessori Floor Bed?

purchasing a montessori floor bed

There are things you must consider first before choosing a floor bed and putting it in your child’s room. These include;

  • Getting In and Out Of Bed with Ease – Choose floor beds that are easy to get into and out of. You don’t want your child to be tempted to get out of bed by climbing on the side. You also want them to practice getting in and out of bed when they want to instead of having one person do it for them.
  • Style – Choose a floor bed that matches your child’s room and is easy for you to set up and move around when necessary.
  • Airflow – Choose a floor bed that allows good airflow, so your child does not get hot and uncomfortable.
  • Mattress Size – If you have enough space, choose a larger-sized mattress so it will grow with your little one as they get older.
  • Price – If you think this bed is worth the money, then, by all means, go for it. Just make sure you choose a quality one so it will last and your child won’t need to replace it soon!

The Best and Most Affordable Montessori Floor Beds

affordable montessori floor beds

There are many options available for Montessori floor beds. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. The Sprout Floor Bed Frame: This is a great choice for parents looking for a budget-friendly Montessori floor bed frame. It comes with a wooden base, which makes it sturdy and durable. It also includes a removable tray for storage. The floor bed frame allows for airflow, so you have peace of mind knowing your child isn’t overheating. It also comes with a safety bar, which prevents your child from falling off the bed.

2. Wayfair Sweedi Toddler Bed: This natural wood Montessori bed will look lovely in any child’s room, regardless of style. It’s ideal for your child’s transition to their first “big kid” bed! It makes bedtime more fun because there is no need to climb over the edge or worry about falling off. Your child will love sleeping in such a comfort. They’ll feel secure and cozy while doing so.

3. Bash and Timber Montessori Bed: It is a beautiful floor bed designed specifically for toddlers. It features a soft fabric cover protecting your child from scratches and stains. It is made of high-quality materials and built to last. It is ideal for those who want a simple design without unnecessary frills. 

4. Little Monkey’s The Sleep System: It provides environmentally friendly mattresses and bedding for the whole family. You like that it includes a pillow and mattress protector. It is ideal for helping your child sleep through the night and keeping your baby safe.

A Few More Tips and Tricks On How To Use A Montessori Floor Bed Effectively

montessori floor bed

When your child is capable of walking, you can begin using a Montessori floor bed. And in order to help him adjust to the new arrangement, you have a few options.

1. The first is to move the bed into his current room. It allows him to feel comfortable at night and not intimidated by a new set-up. He may view your movement as an adventure: a chance for him to explore his new room and all of its new things.

2. Another option is to move the bed into another room, where he can still be close to his family in case he needs anything during the night. It’s a good idea for you to split your bedroom into two rooms, one for sleeping and one for playing. You can then set up a Montessori floor bed in this separate second room, where it is safe and comfortable.

3. Always make sure to frequently change the bedsheets and clean the cage so that it is always fresh and clean.

4. Finally, if the bed is too close to the window, you may want to reconsider its placement. If your child hates being away from you on his own and frets that he will fall out of bed or be trapped, move it further away from the window.

Final Thoughts

Montessori principles have been used in infant and child development for over 100 years. The use of the Montessori Floor Bed is a great compliment to the Montessori method. The bed provides your little one with a comfortable place to rest and encourages safety and independence.

We at Montessori Academy believe that the Montessori Floor Bed is an excellent investment for children practicing independence from an early age. A child should be allowed to learn in different ways, and the Montessori Floor Bed helps him do just that. Always remember that it’s important to start using a floor bed when your child is able to sleep and stand up independently.

If you want to learn more about Montessori Floor Beds, or questions you have about them, you may contact us here. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can!


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