Paying Attention to Detail: The Importance of Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle is one of the best types of Montessori furniture. Even though Dr. Maria Montessori did not initially create it, the philosophy behind this furniture links with the Montessori Approach. 

This article will discuss what a Pikler Triangle is, why it is so ideal in nurturing a child, and why people are more curious about it. The best models you can consider and the step-by-step guides to making your own Pikler Triangle for your kids. Let’s dive in.

What is a Pikler Triangle?

A Pikler Triangle is a type of climbing frame that lets the children’s exploring instinct come to life. It is made of a wooden triangle, or more precisely, it can be thought of as a regular triangular pyramid with one short side. In other words, Pikler Triangles are ideal for stimulating the children’s natural climbing instincts. Moreover, they satisfy two essential requirements of Montessori education: order and freedom (the child can choose), which are at the center of Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy. It was initially named after Hungarian Physician Emmi Pikler.

The pikler triangle is considered one of the ideal Montessori furniture because it allows children to develop their intelligence as they climb up on their terms. In addition, this type of school furniture makes sure that children’s individual needs are met. In other words, a child who plays with this kind of furniture feels stimulated and contributes to his development; therefore, there is no need for parents to reprimand the child for climbing on the pikler triangle. It can also be related to selective attention since a child has found something that he likes and play there. Other than that, it has numerous other benefits that make it a piece of must-have furniture for your child.

Benefits of a Pikler Triangle

1. The triangles are considered very stable; therefore, even if a child climbs on them, there is no fear that he might fall off and hurt himself.

2. It also has the right height for children of all ages and sizes so that any child can play with it without any help from adults

3. The triangle is arranged in such a way that it makes sure that the furniture will not be ruined by children climbing on it (the wooden material of a triangle is known to be very strong) 

4. The bottom of the triangle is made in such a way that it can be attached to a wooden board with nails (which enables children to climb on it quickly)

5. It gives a child an opportunity to climb up various levels without any fear of falling as the triangle is stable enough for that purpose

6. A child can never get bored while playing on this type of school furniture

Suppose you are interested in providing your child a pikler triangle and are looking for a quality-made pikler triangle appropriate for your child. Then you may consider these lists of Pikler Triangle Models for you to decide. 

Best Pikler Triangle Models

1. Costzon Foldable Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder

This model is one of the sturdiest and tallest pikler triangles you can find, making it ideal for children up to 6 years of age. It features a climbing or sliding ramp that provides different creative options for your young child. The ladder is made up of quality natural wood, which is very durable and robust. It is ideal for strengthening your child’s motor skills and balance control. It is also perfect for helping improve their courage. Thus, an ideal Pikler triangle model to accompany your child to grow up.

2. 5-Star Little Climber by Lily & River

It is made for children ages six months to 4 plus years old. It is simple but beautifully made for young children. This pikler triangle is made of sustainable birch hardwood, so the safety of your kids is guaranteed since it can’t break down quickly. In addition, it helps foster your child’s motor skills, creativity, and balance control. 

3. The Montessori Arch Climbing Gym

This high-quality climbing gym by PlayWilderToys features a Pikler Triangle, a climbing ramp, and up to 3 ramps. It is made of the highest grade Baltic Birchwood, an excellent set-up for fantastic climbing adventures. This Montessori Arch Climbing Gym is sanded down and is finished to be smooth and safe for kids. 

4. Pikler Triangle by RADkidsFurniture

It is a perfect tool for your child’s motor skills development. It comes in different sizes, so you’ll find the one that suits best for your child. Climbing on the bars can give your child a sense of place in their young body in space where they have an opportunity to perfect their climbing abilities using their limbs and body. This Pikler Triangle Model comes unassembled, so you have to assemble it yourself or with the help of your kids for about 30-60 minutes. No need to worry since it includes tools and instructions.

5. Transformable Pikler Triangle by Happymoon

The best about this model is it has exceptional quality and is made to fit your child’s needs. It comes with more than 15 different easy-to-change variations, so your child can crawl, explore, climb, and hide. It is the best option if you want an all-in-one type of Pikler Triangle.

Suppose you feel that the models mentioned above are way too high for your budget. Don’t worry, because I have good news for you. You can still have a reliable Pikler Triangle for your child. If you are willing to put some effort and purchase some materials, then you can make one. To help you out, try to look at these DIY guides and tips in creating a reliable and valuable Pikler Triangle for your child.

DIY Pikler Triangles

1. Easy to Make Pikler Triangle

Suppose you want an easy but quality-made pikler triangle. I would advise you to follow this step-by-step guide by Montessori In Real Life. They explain in detail how to make an incredible and reliable Pikler Triangle for your child. They discuss the materials they used and the tricks on how to make the pikler triangle more durable for use.

2. DIY Foldable Pikler Triangle

If you want a foldable pikler triangle for your child, then you may take inspiration from Instructables. They discuss their version in making an excellent Pikler Triangle. In addition, they provide detailed instructions for you to follow.

3. Homemade Pikler Triangle

Another idea you can consider in making your pikler triangle is from A Butterfly House. They provide the steps in making one and discuss the problems they encounter in making their model. These are the most common problems you will encounter in making your own. They provide tips in dealing with these situations, which can be a game-changer for you.

4. Awesome Pikler Triangle Idea

It is another option to consider in making your own Pikler Triangle. DIY Projects showed here the step-by-step instructions in creating a durable Pikler Triangle. They also discuss in the video how it is built to suit the needs of a child.

So we have shown you various Pikler Triangles to choose from depending on your budget and your ideas. We showed you the best Pikler Triangle Models to consider and the DIY guides so that you can make yourself a high-quality model, preferably on your own. I hope you all have fun with these Pikler Triangles.


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