Prevent a Messy Party with Toddlers: 10 Easy Tips

messy party

Kids are prone to having a messy party. It is a known fact that kids’ parties are messy, crazy, and sometimes just downright overwhelming. With the wrong preparation, not only will you be cleaning up for hours afterward, but you’ll also be playing the bad guy in your kid’s eyes by forcing him or her to sit still.

So what can you do? Well, worry no more! Here I have outlined some handy tips to prepare your house and wardrobe so that it isn’t a disaster.

Here’s What You Should Do to Prevent a Messy Party With Toddlers

1. Prepare a simple, non-messy activity for the party that your child can do while it is going on.

2. Don’t put anything fragile and valuable out where the kids can get to them. (For example, you might want to keep a camera or something in the closet until after the party.) They won’t know what they are, and they may break them by accident, or worse, take them home with them!

3. If you are having a playdate, invite only their friends and not any strangers. (And do the same with your child.)

4. Prepare the kids’ snacks and drinks ahead of time.

5. Do not serve junk foods, especially ones with lots of sugar or fat in them, as kids will be hungry, and they will be more likely to eat it if they like it.

6. If your little one is throwing a temper tantrum at this point, so be it. Just take charge and do what you need to do to make it through without having a messy party.

7. Have the kids respond in “I can’t” or “I won’t” form to anything you ask them to do. Or give them choices such as “Do I get to play?” or “Do I get a snack before we start?” 

8. Lay down towels or sheets on the floor to catch all the crumbs, spills, and such.

9. Ensure your child knows not to bring any food into the living room and not put any in their pockets because everyone will be walking around. 

10. If anyone breaks a chair or table that it has no “right” place for, teach them how to put it back right and where to go when you ask them not to do something anymore! 

Kids Party Game Ideas That Don’t Need to be Messy

  • Write numbers in the form of a circle. Have the kids stand in a circle, and when you say go, they run to the number you call out. When they get it, they sit down and wait for the following number.
  • You could play bingo with them if you have the cards already made. If not, get small pieces of paper and write on them something up for grabs at your party (pass the parcel) or something related to your party theme or character (e.g., ‘The trick or treat was made by).
  • Give each of them a name tag. Make sure they know the names on the tags are the terms of YOU and not THEM. See how many words they can remember.
  • Give each one a small piece of paper. Let them stand in a circle and draw or write on their writing. Tell them they cannot look at it. They can ask someone else what’s on it or talk about it. See if they can guess whose is whose.
  • Give the kids an empty bowl and have them move around the room, filling it with things that go well together, like red and white, or fruit and vegetables, or letters of the alphabet, etc.
  • Give them a bowl of water and a bowl of sand. Have them mix it up. Then take turns pouring it into the bowl of sand and figure out what was put in the water. If their answers are correct, they get to keep playing until they run out of ideas-if not; you can give them another bowl of water and another big spoonful of sand.
  • Go around the room, saying “Wipe your feet” or something similar and showing them where to go, not where to go.
  • Make them run around a room, but tell them not to get up, get down and crawl.
  • Have them go into a room with a single light on it and tell each other to turn it off. If they do, they must leave the room immediately.
  • Give each child two spoons and have them press their spoons together as fast as they can without dropping either one. Whoever does this is the most scoopful of fun!

How Should You Encourage Your Toddlers to Practice Cleanliness?

Like all kids, toddlers are in the process of learning how to keep themselves clean, and it is hard for them to manage sometimes. Here are some tips on getting your toddler to start practicing good hygiene. 

1. Always kid-proof your house. Keep their toys in a safe place where they won’t get hurt if they run around with them.

2. Place their playpen or highchair strategically near the bathroom so that they can see you or you can see them when they’re doing their thing.

3. Give them a couple of their toys and one of yours, such as a baby doll and an infant doll, so that they will be able to understand that their baby will grow up and he or she should take care of him or her.

4. Have an excellent robust snack for them when they’re taking a bath, like your healthy fruits, crayons, and wooden toys, for them to have something to play with within the bathtub.

5. Give them baths at least twice a week so that they’ll stay smelling fresh and clean.

6. Teach them how to wash and brush their teeth every night before bedtime. Let them watch you do this first, then have them repeat what you did until they get the hang of it.

7. Use a mild soap that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or perfumes that can irritate toddlers’ skin, such as Johnson’s Baby Wash (not Medicated).

8. Make sure to wash all toys, bath toys, and other baby items regularly, whether they’re in the crib, playpen, or highchair.

9. Give them a warm, soft towel after their baths or showers so that they can dry off.

10. Let them know what they’re doing is essential and that you’re proud to see them trying to contribute to the family by cleaning themselves and their things.

You are the head of the household. The main job is to teach your children good habits and be an excellent companion to their future families. You can start by showing them how to start taking care of themselves, starting even before they can walk and eat solid food. Helping them understand what a messy party entails also counts.

By learning what is good and what isn’t at a young age, they’ll know what’s right or wrong and will have an idea of what is expected from them in life.


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