Toddler Throwing Things? Find Out Why Your Toddler Does It and Simple Solutions to Try Today

toddler throws his toy

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of parenting! If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’re facing the all-too-familiar challenge of your toddler throwing things. Rest assured; you’re not alone. Many parents have experienced this stage of development, which can be both endearing and exasperating.

Toddlers are curious little explorers, and throwing objects is one of the many ways they make sense of the world around them. As frustrating as it may be at times, it’s essential to understand that this behavior is often a sign of their development and growing independence.

In this article, we delve into the reasons behind your toddler’s throwing antics, aiming to provide a better understanding of this behavior. Fear not, for we won’t leave you hanging! We’ve curated a collection of simple and effective solutions to help you navigate this phase more easily and confidently.

Why Toddlers Throw Things

Toddlers are known for their curious and explorative nature, which sometimes leads them to throw their toys instead of playing with them in conventional ways. While this behavior can be exasperating for caregivers, rest assured that it is developmentally appropriate and entirely normal. By delving into the underlying reasons behind this common behavior, parents can gain valuable insights to navigate this phase with grace, patience, and empathy.

  • Exploring Cause and Effect: Toddlers are natural explorers, and throwing objects allows them to understand cause and effect relationships. They learn about gravity and motion when they release a toy and see it fall or bounce. This experimentation is crucial for their cognitive development as they begin to comprehend how the world around them works.
  • Testing Boundaries and Independence: Throwing things can also be a way for toddlers to test their boundaries and assert their independence. They might be curious to see how their caregivers react or if their actions have any consequences. While it can be challenging for parents, setting consistent limits and gentle discipline can help toddlers feel secure and understand appropriate behaviors.
  • Expressing Emotions and Seeking Attention: For toddlers, throwing objects can express their emotions when they don’t yet have the vocabulary to do so. It might be a sign of frustration, excitement, or even a cry for attention. Acknowledging their feelings and teaching them alternative ways to express themselves can be beneficial during this emotional phase.

Montessori Solutions to Toddler Throwing Things

As Montessori parents, understanding and addressing the reasons behind our toddler’s behavior is essential. Montessori principles offer insightful solutions to tackle the challenge of toddler throwing in a respectful and developmentally appropriate manner. By adopting these Montessori-inspired approaches, we can guide our little ones through this phase with patience and understanding.

1. Observe and Analyze Triggers

toddler throwing things

When your toddler starts throwing objects, observing and analyzing the triggers behind this behavior is essential. Is it during moments of frustration, boredom, or seeking attention? Understanding the underlying reasons will help you address the issue more effectively.

2. Provide Suitable Alternatives

In the Montessori approach, offering suitable alternatives is crucial. Instead of discouraging your toddler from throwing altogether, provide safe objects with which they can explore throwing. (The list of throwing toys for little ones can be seen below.)

3. Communicate and Empathize

Toddlers often struggle to express their emotions verbally, leading them to resort to throwing as a way of communication. Take the time to sit with your child, empathize with their feelings, and help them find words to express themselves. Encourage little ones to communicate their frustrations or needs, gradually reducing their reliance on throwing.

4. Model Appropriate Behavior

model appropriate behavior

Toddlers learn through observation, so modeling appropriate behavior when handling objects is crucial. Show them how to respect and care for items, demonstrating gentle and responsible actions. By consistently modeling respectful behavior, your toddler will be more likely to emulate your actions.

5. Set Clear Boundaries

Establishing clear boundaries is essential in the Montessori approach. Communicate and consistently enforce rules regarding throwing objects. Explain that throwing certain items can be dangerous or cause damage while designating specific areas or objects that are safe for throwing. This approach helps your toddler understand and respect the limits while allowing them to explore within the set boundaries.

6. Involve Toddlers in Cleanup

Encouraging responsibility is an integral part of Montessori philosophy. When your toddler throws objects, involve them in the cleanup process. This not only teaches them accountability but also reinforces the idea that objects have a designated place. By actively participating in tidying up, they begin to understand the importance of taking care of their belongings.

Launch and Learn: 8 Toys to Fulfill Your Toddler’s Need for Throwing

Are you looking for a way to channel your little one’s boundless energy while satisfying their need for throwing fun? Introducing a range of engaging toys that not only keep them entertained but also promote physical development and hand-eye coordination. Explore these fantastic alternatives, ensuring your toddler can safely indulge in their love for tossing!

1. Bean Bag Toss Game

bean bag toss game

This classic bean bag toss game is a fantastic outdoor activity for your toddler. Let them aim and throw soft bean bags into colorful targets, enhancing their throwing accuracy and concentration while having a ball of a time!

2. Foam Gliders

Watch your toddler’s face light up with joy as they launch foam gliders into the air. These lightweight planes provide endless opportunities for outdoor throwing fun and encourage imaginative play as they soar through the skies.

3. Basketball & Hoop

Introduce your little athlete to the world of basketball with a kid-sized hoop. It’s a slam-dunk way for toddlers to engage in active play, improve motor skills, and develop coordination while enjoying friendly competition.

4. T-Ball Set for Toddlers

t-ball set for toddlers

A safe and enjoyable way to introduce baseball to your toddler. With a soft tee and foam baseball, they can swing away to their heart’s content, nurturing hand-eye coordination and boosting confidence in their throwing and hitting abilities.

5. Bathtub Ball Track Set

Make bath time a splashing success with a bathtub ball track set. Your toddler can toss balls into colorful tracks and watch them race down to the finish line, providing interactive water play while enhancing their throwing skills.

6. Throw a Balloon

throw a balloon

A simple yet delightful activity that will entertain your toddler indoors. Blow up a balloon and show them how to toss it gently in the air. It’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination while having endless giggles!

7. Toss and Catch Game Set

Get the whole family involved with this toss-and-catch game. Your toddler can practice their throwing while learning to catch softballs, promoting bonding and teamwork skills while keeping active and entertained.

8. Knobby Balls

Knobby balls are perfect for little hands to grip and throw safely. Whether indoors or outdoors, these textured balls offer sensory stimulation while developing gross motor skills and enhancing their aim.

9. Ring Toss Set

ring toss set

Challenge your toddler’s accuracy with a ring toss set. This fun game encourages them to throw rings onto pegs, providing hours of entertainment while honing their hand-eye coordination and focus.

10. Wooden Marble Run

Though not for throwing per se, a wooden marble run is an excellent alternate activity to engage your toddler’s curiosity and dexterity. As they place marbles on the tracks and watch them roll, they’ll develop problem-solving skills and experience the joy of cause and effect.

Final Thoughts

Understanding why toddlers throw things is crucial for parents seeking to foster a nurturing environment for their little ones. Toddlers throw objects as a way of exploring the world, expressing emotions, seeking attention, and developing essential skills. By embracing the Montessori approach to parenting, which emphasizes empathy, respect, and child-led learning, we can effectively address this behavior while supporting our children’s growth.

Here at Montessori Academy, our dedicated guides are well-versed in implementing Montessori principles to address toddler throwing behavior. We observe and understand the root cause, avoiding punishment and instead offering gentle guidance.


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