What our parents are saying…

Our family is very grateful for the care that has been shown to our daughter in many ways by the staff at Montessori Academy of Culver City (MACC). Our family loves all the teachers and the director at MACC. They are kind, thoughtful, energetic and truly loving to all children at their school. Our daughter’s self-proclaimed favorite parts of the day are story time, weekly art/crafts making, outside play, and weekly yoga classes! We like how the teachers give Spanish language exposure to the kids thru songs singing and saying things in Spanish here and there. We found MACC in 2014, when our daughter Sophie was only 2.5yo and stayed at MACC until her Kindergarten graduation in June 2018. If MACC offered 1st, 2nd …grades, we would have been still there!

Our daughter has made great friends and we have met great families. We feel very fortunate to have found such great care for Sophie during her toddler/early childhood years. Thank you.

Anya E.

Torrance, CA


My son was enrolled at MACC since he was 2.5 years old. I am truly sad I cannot continue enrolling him at the school for primary education. He’s been with Ms. Williams, Ms. Bella, and Ms. Gaby. All the teachers have been instrumental in his growth into a confident and competent child. I am especially impressed by his emotional intelligence development. He is well rounded on extraneous subjects such as geography, astronomy, anatomy, physiology, zoology, etc. Ms. Gaby has been the most impactful. She is a celebrity in my household. Everything is referenced back to Ms. Gaby so it must be “true.” He sometimes has Freudian slips and calls me Ms. Gaby. The teachers and Ms. Ruhi truly care about the well being of each child. I get personal calls from them when my son is out sick or gone for an extended period. Overall, I feel my money has been well spent for the quality of education and personal attention my son has received.

Quinn H.

Lawndale, CA


My daughter went to this school for the last 2 1/2 years she is 5 years old now. The school has been great for her. The teachers pay attention to each and every kid individually. They take a lot of care for their development. Besides tutoring them in English, math, geography, etc. they also teach them good manners and develop their social skills. They make learning fun. My daughter loves to go to school. Her reading skills have developed great for her age. She started school when she was 2 1/2 with Miss Anna, later on with Miss Stephanie, and lastly with Miss Melody. Her last day of school was today and she definitely had mixed feelings. We are thankful to the school for what they have taught our daughter. With a great foundation built at this school we hope our daughter will do great in the future not only for her but for others around her too. Thank you Montessori Academy of Culver City!!!!

Suresh D.

San Ramon, CA


I can’t even begin to explain how incredible this school is and how desperately we wish we could have our kids stay here through high school!!! Our son flourished here and started kindergarten this year incredibly confident, socially aware and academically at least a grade ahead. He can read competently, write and complete addition…MACC propelled his love for learning. For his final year we had actually moved to Eagle Rock, but chose to drive him an hour and a half across the city to go to MACC because he was so happy there. He thrived and we are so glad we made the decision to take on that commute! The teachers are all wonderful – particular shout out to Ms Gaby and Ms Melody who are the coolest, calmest, best teachers ever. Ms Ruhi loves the kids like they are her own and we will for sure be calling in to see her whenever we are in Culver City. Cannot recommend this school enough.

Katy J.

Culver City, CA


My son attended this school for 3 years and my daughter is currently attending. She has been enrolled for the last year and a half. I am very please with the education my children receive(d). The individual attention is great and the children learn so much beyond reading and writing, like how to play indoors respectfully, how to treat each other, how to clean up their work/play areas. The school was the best educational start for my son and is proving to be a great start for my daughter.


Oakland, CA


I have a 5 year old son who has been attending MACC for the past 6 months and he has learned so much since he started. I really like the Montessori method and the academic environment of the school. I feel like my son will be more than prepared when he leaves, both academically as well as socially. He has made many friends and loves his teacher who I believe is very caring and experienced. I also love the fact that the school is in a free standing building in a quiet neighborhood. It is very secure and makes me feel that my son is safe when I drop him off every morning. I definitely recommend MACC to any parents who are looking for a school for their child!

Jeanne H.

Los Angeles, CA


Our daughter first attended this school, when she was 3. Our son now attends the school and unfortunately will have to leave next year to attend kindergarten. Great teachers, Great staff, Great learning environment! Both of our children have excelled in reading and math. The school has such a loving and nurturing environment. The teachers devote a large amount of time with each student and it is amazing to see how excited the students are about learning. Our son comes home every night and pulls out a workbook because he loves doing school work. His writing is so advanced because of the assignments in writing he receives in class. Thank you Montessori Academy for your dedication and devotion to both of our children. The stepping stone they have received from your school will stay with them forever. I would recommend this school to anyone in search of a great early academic start for their young children.

Tanya M.

Inglewood, CA


This school has been our home away from home for the past two years. Our older daughter left for Kindergarten last September with a love of learning and a second-grade reading level. Our younger daughter is currently finishing up her second year and is having an equally positive, loving experience. We’ve now moved across town and find ourselves facing the challenge of finding a new Montessori pre-school. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, and I realized I very much needed to write one of my own.

The choice we make as parents to send our children to pre-school to spend their days in the care of others is HUGE. For that reason, it’s really important to do your research, talk to parents at any school you’re considering and make sure it’s the right fit for your family. Montessori Academy of Culver City has been that school for us — it is a nurturing and stimulating environment, filled with teachers who care deeply for their students. Ms. Gaby, Ms. Melody, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Ana, Ms. Shuly, Ms. Williams and Ms. Marilyn have all played a role in helping my daughters blossom into the engaged, curious & happy girls they are.

Elaine H.

Los Angeles, CA


My son graduated from Montessori Academy of Culver City last month and I cannot be more pleased with the results, from both the academic and social fronts. He started out there when he was 2.5 years under Ms Ana who was extremely patient, kind and caring towards him. This helped tremendously with the transition since he had been home with me the entire time prior. She took him under her wing and made it a safe, comforting and happy place for him to go to. When he turned 4, he moved up to Ms Melody’s class where he thrived and blossomed into a confident, sociable kid who was able to work and play independently.

Academically speaking, my son is beyond ready for Kindergarten since he graduated from there already reading, doing first grade level addition & subtraction, counting by 2s, 5, and 10s, and easily writing his numbers from 1 to 100. Socially, he has become a confident child, who does well at listening, plays with his friends in a compassionate manner, respects his friends’ space and readily sits down to do his work. This is what I believe is essential to help these little kids… more

Yupa W.

Playa Vista, CA


We are so very happy with the wonderful staff and facilities at the Montessori Academy of Culver City. As a first time parent, I didn’t know what to expect when our daughter was to begin pre-school. The teachers were incredibly welcoming and our daughter looked right at home from day one. She absolutely loves going to MACC every school day. She is always greeted with warmth from all of the staff and the other children. Everyone now knows her well and it has helped her get assimilated quickly and grow her social skills. The school clearly attracts good families and the positive atmosphere there is a consistent one.

Her teacher is very detail-oriented and helps our daughter focus on learning her numbers and letters for the first time. I am always kept up to date on her progress, her school work and most importantly, what my husband and I can work on with her at home. It has been a great experience being part of the process. Our daughter is constantly bringing home creative art projects of which she could not be prouder. And we are always amazed at the range of activities she is exposed to, like music, dance and even yoga. The new director Ruhi clearly sets the tone for the staff and school- she is incredibly involved and has helped us plan some extra classes for our daughter. We couldn’t be happier with our first school experience and highly recommend MACC.

Stephanie J.



I can’t say enough positive things about the Montessori Academy of Culver City (MACC). I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only are both of my daughters running out the door in the morning to get to school, but what they have learned has well-surpassed my (admittedly) high expectations. Both of my daughters have been very early readers and my older daughter (4 years old) is doing first grade level math. I know that all kids will be at the same level by first grade, if not sooner, but MACC has made learning fun at a very young age. I also want to stress that the kids play, play, play at school! The rooms are bright (lots of windows), clean, colorful and full of art supplies, music, play mats, Montessori toys and books (they even have a little library/reading room for the kids).

The teachers are caring, loving and patient and go above and beyond to keep parents updated on their child’s daily activities, friendships and overall progress. They treat each child as an individual and both of daughters have felt much loved by the teachers they have had. The school’s new director, Ruhi, is also amazing. She listens to every parent, knows every child and cares intensively about the school. As a side note, MACC offers many optional on-site after school activities, including dance, gymnastics and yoga, which are well-run and free up weekends that would otherwise be spent on those types of activities (for our family, at least).

I could not be happier with our school choice. My only suggested improvement is that MACC offer a full elementary school program as I would happily have both of my daughters attend for many more years.

Andrew S.

Los Angeles, CA


MACC has been a wonderful experience for our 3 year old. In the past year we are amazed at how quickly she has grown under the care of Ms. Williams and the team at this school. The school is clean, well managed, and the staff genuinely care for their wards. I can’t recommend them enough. When we did have an issue with how something was handled with our daughter early on, a simple 5 meeting with her teachers and the matter was cleared up easily. No fuss, no muss. She LOVES going to school here, and looks forward to the days we take her. As she heads off a new school in the Fall, I know she does so with a strong foundation under her.

Joey D.

Los Angeles, CA