Why The Montessori Method Works

“…children in the Montessori school showed better reading and math, improved social skills, and advanced executive functioning by the end of kindergarten. They also showed more creative writing and reported more of a sense of a school community.”

-Psychology Today

Dr. Maria Montessori was the first Woman physician in Italy in the early 1900s and is the originator of the Montessori method of education. Prior to her study of medicine, Dr. Montessori had an extensive background in mathematics, engineering, and biology. After studying philosophy and psychology, Maria Montessori developed groundbreaking and innovative tools designed to stimulate the growth and development of young minds. Believing that every child is unique, Dr. Montessori’s method is built on a foundation of fostering and respecting individuality throughout the entire education process.

“...researchers suggest that a Montessori curriculum boosts childhood and adult well-being by focusing on activities that promote self-determination, meaningful activities, and social stability and cohesion.” -Forbes