Montessori-Friendly Books: Great Options for Developing Your Child’s Reading Skills

Developing Your Child's Reading Skills

Teaching a child to read is one of the great things you can do for them as teachers and a parent. It can help them develop their language and learning skills and expand their mind beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom setting. So it is essential to provide your child the best books to develop these important skills.

However, some children find it challenging to develop reading skills. It is because they do not have a lot of interest in books as compared to other children. They may find these books tedious or too complicated to understand; this makes it difficult for them to read effectively.

Thus, it is essential to pick child-friendly books that can spark interest in young children to love reading. Montessori-Friendly books are the best options for young children because they have simple words and pictures that are easy for them to understand. They don’t include complicated language or overly complicated concepts that will only hinder the development of reading skills. Montessori-friendly books can help form their thoughts and allow them to understand what they read. These are the best choices because they will provide your child with knowledge and stimulate their imagination and creativity. The right kind of Montessori-friendly books can enhance the formation and development of your child’s reading skills, knowledge, concentration, memory, and speed in reading.

How to Choose Montessori-Friendly Books?

It is essential to choose Montessori-Friendly books that will engage and appeal to your child’s interest. It is where you need some guidelines to select the right books to help develop their reading skills.

Below are some of the essential guidelines to help you choose the perfect Montessori-friendly book for your child:

Choose the Right Book Cover: The right cover design is crucial because you want the book to be interesting enough so that your kids will be interested in reading it. Look for colors that attract kids’ attention and have eye-catching pictures. If possible, choose books with more than one color because children prefer colorful books over dull ones.

Choose the Right Size of the Book: The size of the book is a significant consideration. It should be small enough so that your children will be able to handle it with ease. However, it should not be too small because they may have some difficulty handling it and may have problems reading.

Choose the Right Type: When choosing books for your kid, you should choose colorful and simple books to understand. You don’t want to select books with complicated words or concepts that might confuse your child while reading them; this will discourage them from reading again. If possible, avoid stories with very colorful pictures because they will attract attention and lack content and comprehension.

Choose the Right Content and Topics: The right Montessori-friendly book to use should have content that will interest your child. In addition, it should contain topics that your child will be able to relate to in their daily lives. It is the ideal way to help them develop their reading and comprehension levels.

Montessori-Friendly Books for Your Child

Here is the list of some recommended Montessori-friendly books that you can use in teaching your child to read.

1. Baby’s First Book of Birds & Colors

This book introduces your child to the colorful world of birds. This book teaches colors by introducing your child to different types of beautifully illustrated birds in their habitats. The color word appears bold and large for children to see, and it has a name and gender for kids to identify quickly. Baby’s First Book of Birds & Colors is excellent for your child.

2. One Gorilla: A Counting Book

It is a counting book that helps your child develop their beginning counting skills and remember the numbers. This book has colorful pictures of different gorillas that kids enjoy looking at as they count them. One Gorilla: A Counting Book has a page with each number, and it allows children to learn to count the various types of animals in their habitat.

3. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

This book is an essential book for baby playtime and an excellent gift for a new baby. It has simple rhyming text and beautiful illustrations that convey an important message. No matter what color you are, where you come from, and what you like, we are humans with the same worth. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is a book to treasure, an instantly lovable book.

4. Apples and Pumpkins

It is a timeless classic. It follows a story of a girl who shares the excitement and joy of the fall season. She comes along with her parents to a farm where they pick apples and choose the best pumpkin for Halloween. Apples and Pumpkins have realistic events that your child can relate to. It can spark his interest and will foster his love for reading.

5. Press Here 

It is an interactive Montessori-friendly book that helps a child to get more excited in reading. Its greatness lies in its simplicity that allows your child to feel like the one who creates the story. Press Here has series of instructions to follow that lead a child into a magical journey. Each page instructs your child to push the button, tilt the book, shake it up. Adults and their children will giggle with delight as the dots change direction, grown in size, and multiply. 

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book is an all-time classic and one of the best interactive books you can gift to your child. This book is the perfect size for little hands. It has artistically made illustrations of the life of a caterpillar and educational contents like counting days of the weeks and identifying colors. Make it a wonderful Montessori-friendly book for babies and toddlers.

7. Before After 

It is a unique children’s book that both adults and children love. It includes before and after pairs of beautiful illustrations that depict the link between the objects. Like a cow can result in both a painting of a cow and a bottle of milk. There are no words found in the book, but you can discuss what it is all about with your kids. This way, your child will use his imaginative mind to absorb the concept you discuss.

8. Shades of People

It will introduce your child to the importance of diversity. The book is filled with beautiful images of children being happy, playing, running, enjoying the world together. Shades of People conveys a message to your child about connecting and sharing the world despite our differences, race, and color.

9. My Heart Fills With Happiness

Reading this book to your child will nurture his reading and literacy skills and foster their sense of gratitude. My Heart Fills With Happiness allows children and adults to reflect on and cherish the moments in life that bring us happiness and excitement. 

10. Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book

This book follows the life of a busy bee and her beehive through unique peekaboo holes that pass through each page. Each page shows new plants and flowers and a look inside a beehive as the bees helping and working together to help plants grow. Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book has artistic illustrations that are soothing to your child’s eyes and very engaging to read since it uses simple words, so your child can understand it easily.

Reading these books simply and directly to your child may not significantly impact his reading skills. So, it is vital to consider the proper ways on how to read books to your toddlers effectively.

Ways on How to Read to Your Toddlers

1. Explain the context to a child: It is vital to explain the context to your child. It is essential because it will help him understand what he is going to read. A simple way to do this is by pointing to the pictures found in a book and talk about them. You can also ask the question if he knows what it is and then tells him about it. This way, you are helping your child develop his vocabulary skills, which is very important for literacy level development.

2. Keep it simple and easy-to-understand: Keep it simple and easy-to-understand when reading a book for toddlers so that they can fully understand the meaning of each word. Then, when he reads, success is determined by whether or not he comprehended the words independently.

3. Read Expressively: When you read with your child, try to express specific emotions. For example, when he reads a book about a sad boy or wants something for his birthday, you can be him by getting the same feeling when reading it. Also, when reading, try and make your voice sound like what you are reading about.

4. Read to your child out loud: Reading aloud is a beneficial skill to help your child read. You can start reading, and he can listen, and you can ask questions about the words uttered until he understands what you are saying.

Developing early literacy skills is a crucial part of a child’s development because it creates the foundation for future academic success and growth. To foster the early literacy skills in your baby, you need to read with him frequently and talk with him often.

As parents, we should make an effort to create a love for reading at an early age to enjoy reading as much as we do throughout their lives.

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